Choosing the Right Option for You: Dustless or Traditional Tile Removal

When you need to have your tile removed, whether it's a small job or a large one, you want to make sure that you choose a company that can do the job quickly and efficiently while causing as little disruption in your home or workplace as possible. That's where Total Floor Removal comes in. We offer both traditional and dustless tile removal services, so you can choose the option that's best for your specific needs.


With traditional tile floor removal, our team of professionals can quickly remove and dispose of the floor tiles without taking extra precautions to manage dust. This is ideal for empty residences or businesses where large amounts of dust are not an issue. If you need to have tile removed in an occupied space or have allergies that prevent you from dealing with dust, our dustless tile removal process is the perfect solution. We use specialized techniques and vacuums to remove the tiles while causing minimal disruption and preventing any dust from traveling in the air throughout the property.

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Tile Removal

SALE: $1.50/SF Traditional tile removal includes thinset removal and disposal of all material.*

Whether you choose Dustless or Traditional Tile Floor Removal, the floors will be scraped and ground as needed and all debris will be removed and hauled away.
You can count on Total Floor Removal to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get your new floors installed as soon as possible.
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What's the Easiest Way to Remove Old Tile From Your Floor?

Simple... just call Total Floor Removal!  Based out of Tempe, Total Floor Removal is Arizona's leading residential and commercial provider for:

  • Ceramic Tile & Thinset Removal

  • Porcelain Tile & Thinset Removal

  • Flagstone & Thinset Demolition & Removal

  • Saltillo Tile & Thinset Removal

  • Travertine & Thinset Demolition & Removal


We are family owned and we care about every single project as if it were our home. You'll be treated to the best in professionalism, support, project handling, and customer service in the industry.  


All the professionalism in the world means nothing if you aren't satisfied with the results. Every crew we send out is highly skilled at what they do and knows to get your job done right, even if you're removing difficult material. Experience the best in service from onsite estimate to debris removal and all points in between.

Why Do You Need Total Floor Removal?

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If you want a brand new floor you must remove the old material first. Got ceramic, porcelain, travertine, saltillo or flagstone tile, though? That's a job for the professionals – it's not something you can easily do yourself.


There's a process for removing tiles that must be followed so the subfloor isn't damaged and so the thinset is also removed.  Plus, with most jobs we are able to complete the tile removal and disposal within a day, so you can get new flooring installed faster.

We have a pristine track record of serving families and businesses in the Phoenix area for various types of tile and flooring removal projects.
Call Total Floor Removal today to see how we can complete your next project.

What You Can Expect with Total Floor Removal

  • Request your Quote: When you call us or request an online quote, we'll provide you with an estimate based on the square foot of work as well as a link to our calendar so you may schedule an appointment at your convenience.


  • We'll Arrive On Time: We'll get there on time and we'll get the job done quickly.


  • Tile Flooring Removal: We use the right machines and methods to safely and quickly remove your flooring.


  • Grinding as Needed: We'll use a floor scraper and remove all traces of the old flooring such as tile, wood, carpet, glue, and thinset so your floor is ready for its new flooring.


  • Cleanup and Disposal: We do not offer dust free removal, but we do vacuum and clean the area after removing your old flooring so your floor is ready for its new tile. We also haul away all debris so you don't have to rent a dumpster or worry about additional disposal fees.


  • Customer Satisfaction:  One of our supervisors will walk through your home or office after the project is complete to make sure the job has been completed as promised.

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We can provide debris removal for all sorts of projects, including kitchen floor removal and bathroom or kitchen demolitions. Just reach out for a service quote.


We've been cleaning up household demolition debris for so long, you'll be amazed at how streamlined our process is. We've made removing tile a fast, easy, and affordable process for all homeowners.


Instead of spending days chiseling away at your old flooring, our technicians can remove as much as 1,500 square feet in just one day.

Have a Different Type of Flooring Demolition Job?